Stop Wasting Money
Supporting Tyranny

Watch this NBC coverage or this report in the Oregonian about Saudis studying in U.S. college who were arrested for various crimes (one involving a death), who were bailed out by the Saudi embassy and who later disappeared (wink, wink).  Senator Wyden from Oregon is insisting the FBI tell what it knows about this.  

What is Trump going to do about this?  We know he revoked his threat of "severe punishment" for Khashoggi's killers.  Are rape, hit-and-run driving and the like all to be accepted since the Saudi royals buy our weapons.

Is Congress just going to respect the privilege of Saudi men thumb their noses as U.S. law?  This is extreme, but perhaps Saudi men shouldn't be allowed into the U.S. unless the Saudi regime shows it can guarantee that it will accept the rule of law in the U.S. if not in the kingdom.  Trump now has (courtesy of the Supreme Court) the power to keep Saudis out, a power he uses only against poorer Muslim countries and their refugees.