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Horrific Saudi Bombing of Funeral Home

Saudi (U.S.) airplanes made four bombing runs on a funeral home in the capital Sanaa that was filled with people at a funeral service.  The New York Times says there was more than 100 dead in the Oct. 8 attack.  The twitter feed of the Yemen Post News which is published by Yemeni-American Hakim Almasmari  wrote on Oct 8 that 720 were killed or wounded. (@YemenPostNews)

The Obama Administration which successfully fought off attempts to stop the latest arms sales to the Saudis issued a statement to try to mollify public opinion saying that U.S. support for the monarchy was not a "blank check".

The New York Times (the voices of the more liberal part of the 1%) dismissed these "stern", but useless message. It wrote in an editorial "If the Saudis refuse to halt the carnage and resume negotiations on a political settlement, Mr. Obama should end military support."

What it didn't do was call on the candidates to speak out against the carnage in Yemen.  What it didn't do was call on international bodies to start war criminal proceedings against the Saudi warmakers and the Americans, including Barack Obama, who have enabled them.

​The New York Times on the 9th recognized that this massacre could be a game changer.  Let's not lose the opportunity to end this vile war.

a comment on You Tube from Stanley Heller of TSVN