Stop Wasting Money
Supporting Tyranny

From Sanjeev Berry - Freedom Forward

Nov. 9, 2019.

Do you remember when we stopped a Saudi propaganda event in New York City back in September? Thousands of MoveOn members worked together to push the UN and New York Public Library to cancel an event organized by the Saudi dictatorship and its fake charity, MiSK. 

Well, that same bogus Saudi charity MiSK also has a partnership with the UN agency UNESCO. MiSK is supporting UNESCO’s 11th Youth Forum this November 18th and 19th in Paris. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia's dictatorship continues to starve and slaughter youth in Yemen.

Please join me in calling on UNESCO to cancel its partnership with the fake Saudi charity MiSK.  Click here to sign our petition.

Why is this important?

MiSK propaganda hides the slaughter in Yemen:  Saudi dictator Mohammed bin Salman uses MiSK to talk about youth issues while bombing countless children in Yemen using U.S., French, and British weapons.

MiSK and Saudi spying at Twitter:  Earlier this week, we learned that MiSK secretary-general Bader Al Asaker coordinated Saudi spies inside Twitter who stole thousands of users' information, as reported in the Washington Post and The New York Times.

MiSK and Khashoggi’s murder:  The day that Saudi thugs murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi, MiSK's Al Asaker received multiple calls from the Saudi consulate where he was killed, according to Turkish media.

Please sign here to tell UNESCO to cancel its partnership with MiSK.

The leadership of UNESCO is already feeling pressure to end this partnership with the Saudi dictatorship. On Friday, I spoke with two reporters, including Maurin Picard of the French-language Belgian newspaper Le Soir. 

Le Soir has already published a piece on our campaign. I can't read French, so here's a clumsy translation via Google Translate:

"On Friday, a petition was about to give birth to demand the withdrawal of Misk from the event, at the instigation of one of the NGOs that aborted the evening of 23 September in New York, Freedom Forward."

"UNESCO must immediately stop its partnership with Misk, the dubious charity of the Saudi dictator Mohammed bin Salman," insists Sunjeev Bery, Freedom Forward. "There is mounting evidence that Misk secretary-general Bader al-Asaker is one of the key elements in Mohammed bin Salman's effort to hunt down and assassinate Saudi dissidents. No UN organ should offer credibility to such a brutal government."

I'm excited about this campaign, and I hope you are too.  Together we are going to stop Western support for Saudi Arabia's brutal dictatorship. 

picture of successful protest of MISK attempt at an event at the New York Public Library