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Are You Kidding? These Three Open the

"Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology"

 Take a look at the schoolbooks in Saudi Arabia. They include incitement and disparagement of gays, women, Jews and Shia.  After 9/11 the State Department complained and were promised the books would be rewritten but the books still are filled with that nonsense.  Many people have commented on the similarities in the bigotry and Saudi textbooks and those of "extremist" ISIS.

Murtaza Hussain tweeted it well "Summary of Trump's Islam speech.  We must empower the Muslims who are buying our arms to defeat the ones who are not currently buying them."

One newspaper noticed that for the Saudis "Arab Islam" means Sunni Only

USA Today Editorial - In Saudi Arabia Trump Turns Sunni

They give their speeches against "extremism" in a hall of only men (except for Trump's wife Melania).  As far as we can tell there were no Shia Muslims in the room, another sign of extremism.  "Extremism" for them means people who use violence for projects these Lords of the Universe don't approve.

AP YouTube Video

And what's with the symbolism of these three with their hands on the bright globe in a darkened room?  They look like they're having a mind meld with Sauron, the evil enemy in "The Lord of the Rings"

These 3 are Extremists.  Al-Sissi on the left holds the world record this century for killing the most number of peaceful protesters in a single day.  Salman in the center has let his Deputy Crown Prince blow up Yemen with two years of war and is tyrant over millions.  Trump has been vile with his comments about Islam in general and in his threats against Iran and his continuation of Obama's war on Yemen.