"Almost Everything Went Wrong" in Trump's First Military Raid

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Supposedly a U.S. top military unit lodged a heavy blow against al-Qaida by seizing computers with valuable secrets in a village in Yemen.  "Top" al-Qaida officials were supposedly killed.  The first report was that the mission was a "success" even though one American solider had died.

The facts came out slowly. U.S. soldiers were surrounded when they landed.  A $70 million MV-22 Osprey helicopter crashed and was blown up later. Several U.S. soldiers were wounded, some seriously.  And around 30 Yemenis were killed including the two children shown above and eight other children.  Most of the very small village was wrecked.

An official told NBC news "Almost everything went wrong"

​Jeremy Scahill, who knows Yemen well, threw doubt on the tale that this raid killed "high value" al-Qaida targets.  He spoke on Democracy Now!

To cap it off the "intelligence" seized may be lest than gold.  The UK paper, The Telegraph, reports that a video that the Central Command released to show how valuable the material was a "how to" bomb making video freely available on the internet for 10 years.

Reportedly days after the raid al-Qaida seized a whole city in the area.

How does this connect up to the Saudis?  Whatever else the Houthis were doing, they were no friends of al-Qaida and they fought them with some success.  The Saudi-U.S. war on Yemen has been a boon to al-Qaida on many levels.

A rally in Brooklyn to deal with this raid is today 2/6/17 at 7 p.m.