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The 28 Pages Released

The report was kept secret for 13 years, but we’re told there was nothing important in it.  Really?

28 pages of the report of the Joint Inquiry Senate/House Intelligence Committee into 9/11  have been released after being kept secret for over 13 years.  Mark Mazzetti in the New York Times says it talks about “suspicious coincidences”, but that “subsequent investigations into the terror attacks pursued the leads described in the document and found that many had no basis in fact”.  Mazzetti’s article says the pages show the Saudi government was not cooperative in fighting Islamic terrorism before 9/11, but on the whole the article can be summarized, “nothing much here.  It’s a non-story”.

Senators Richard Burr and Dianne Feinstein, the chair and vice chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee issued a statement. Michael Isikoff Chief Investigative Correspondent of Yahoo News wrote, “Citing later investigations by the CIA and FBI ‘that debunk many of the allegations’ in the congressional report, the senators continued: ‘We need to put an end to conspiracy theories and idle speculation that do nothing to shed light on the 9/11 attacks.’”

Not everybody agrees.  When the pages were made public Bob Graham who as a U.S. Senator was co-chair of the Joint Inquiry panel and who fought for years to make the 28 pages public told Stephanie Sy of Yahoo News “there was significant Saudi involvement going up at least to the Saudi  ambassador to the United States Prince Bandar in the time leading up to 9/11.”

Read the complete article including questions about the possible Saudi intelligence agents who aided the 9/11 hijackers at a website of Promoting Enduring Peace