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Saudis "Help" Sudan

​June 9.  Sudanese are on general strike after the massacre at the sit-in last week which has led to at least 108 deaths.   The U.S. made a mild criticism saying the crackdown " "has put the transition process and peace in Sudan in jeopardy".  This can't be taken seriously as the U.S. Charge D'Affaires Steven Koutsis to Sudan sat with Mohamed Hamdan Dagolo (Hemetti), a top leader of the military government and alleged brutal killer in Darfur,  just three weeks ago.

The Saudi government is at least not hypocritical on this matter.

$3 billion has been pledged to the Sudanese military government by the Saudi and UAE governments.  The Sudanese military had responded to massive protests and overthrew longtime strongman Bashir.  Half a billion is being sent to the Sudan central bank, the rest will be in food and petroleum.

Hemetti recently toured Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the U.A.E.  He pledged support for the KSA against "all threats and attacks from Iran.

The Saudis rely on Sudan for fighters in their war against Yemen.

14,000 Sudanese are in Yemen fighting for the Saudi kingdom, killing and being killed so that MBS doesn't risk anger at home from Saudi casualties.  "Almost all the Sudanese fighters appear to come from the battle-scarred and impoverished region of Darfur"  That was the area where the "Janjaweed" militia committed massacres so enormous that the world media called them genocide.  The poorest men in Darfur join the Janjaweed where they're sent to Yemen.  There the Saudis direct them by remote control "through radio headsets and GPS systems".  The Sudanese are paid directly so they are often termed mercenary soldiers.

Many of the Sudanese fighters are children.  The New York Times reporters talked to five Sudanese who returned from fighting who said "children made up at least 20 percent of their units. Two said children were more than 40 percent."