As you know efforts by both houses of Congress to stop U.S. arms sales to the Saudi regime have been defeated by Trump vetoes.

Representative Ro Khanna of California says he has a way to end the Saudi onslaught of Yemen.  In July the House accepted his  amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act barring the sale of parts to the Saudi Air force.  He says that if the House-Senate conference version includes it the President cannot politically veto it, because he would be vetoing the entire budget for the military.  Senator Bernie Sanders is in support. 

Petition Nancy Pelosi to put Rep. Khanna on the House-Senate committee ensuring there will be one fiery voice for the amendment.  Here's the link to a Move-On petition already signed by over 9,000 people.

Worth a phone call to your reps in the House and Senate.  Ask them to call on the House-Senate conference committee to include the #BanPartsToSaudiMilitary amendment in the final NDAA.

If you don’t know the numbers you can connect to any of them at


We were alerted to this idea by the weekly emails of the activists at Just Foreign Policy.

Could This Idea End U.S. Support for the Saudi War?

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