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Twitter May have Saved Rahaf al-Qunun's Life

Update:  Canada allowed her in.  There have been threats to her life.  See her on  Canadian TV

Jan 10.  She's 18 year old Saudi women who a week ago had a Twitter account with 24 followers.  In Kuwait with her family she escaped fearful for her life because she had publicly renounced Islam (and because she was fed up with years of alleged mental and physical abuse).  In Saudi Arabi this "crime" is punishable by the death penalty.  Al-Qunun fled to Bangkok, Thailand   There the Saudis seized her passport, but didn't take her cell phone.  She began tweeting, desperately.  She was notice by renowned Egyptian feminist Mona Eltahawy who translated her tweets into English.  Human Rights Watch noticed.   Still Thai authorities were planning to deport her back to Kuwait.   She barricaded herself into a hotel room along with an Australian reporter and continued to tweet.  Al-Qunun's twitter followers numbered 70,000. Thai media noticed and it became a political hot potato.

As of today the United Nations declared her a political refugee and there's a move to get her asylum in Australia.

This is her twitter feed: @rahaf84427714  She has 132,000 followers.

Mona Eltahawy made these rousing remarks about Rahaf al-Qunun  [Caution if cursing bothers you avoid the video.]  Click for the video.