In a major development the New York Times editorial board  called for a suspension of arms sales to Saudi Arabia.  In part it said, "Congress should put the arms sales on hold and President Obama should quietly inform Riyadh that the United States will withdraw crucial assistance if the Saudis do not stop targeting civilians and agree to negotiate peace."   The Times has had many articles critical of the Saudis over the past year, but this is the first time they've called for significant action.

Of course it's not just a matter of proper targeting.  The Saudi tyranny has no business attacking in Yemen.  The KSA was never attacked by Yemeni forces before it launched its terrible air strikes in March of 2015.

The NYT also is allowing reader comments on the editorial, something it doesn't often permit.  Please do.  You may have to establish an account first, which is just a matter of creating a user name and password

Please send the link of the NYT editorial to your local media and ask them to make a similar editorial.  Here's the link:


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Times Says Halt Arms Sales to Saudis