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The Man Who Would Be King…MBS Locks Up Rivals

March 9. David Hearst in Middle East Eye is reporting that Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman is making an open grab for the kingship, pushing aside his aged (and dementia-suffering) father.

This would help explain why he had 20 princes swept up and detained including the present King Salman’s brother and son. They have been accused of treason and could face the death penalty.  As for the names of some of the arrested:  Prince Ahmed; his son Prince Nayef bin Ahmed bin Abdulaziz, head of Land Forces Intelligence and Security Authority; the former crown prince Mohammed bin Nayef; and his half-brother Nawaf.  Prince Ahmed was overseas and reportedly lured back home.  Ahmed is a member of the Beya, or Allegiance Council, the body which still has to approve MBS' accession to the throne.

 David Hearst said that after the arrests all un-arrested princes were required to pledge loyalty to MBS…via Twitter.