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Torture Murder of Makki Al Orayedh

Makki Al Orayedh (#MakkiAlOrayedh) was a young man who was tortured to death in prison in Saudi Arabia in March 2016. He died on the same day when the so called Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Muhammad Bin Nayef, was rewarded the Legion d'Honneur by France President Hollande. 

On Friday, March 4, 2016, the young man Makki al-Orayedh’s family went to the police station to ask about their son two days after his disappearance, and was surprised by his death.

Makki, a 25 years old young man was a handball player at a local club. On Wednesday, March 2, 2016, he went out in his car to search for a job, and then his family lost contact with him. Two days following his disappearance, his parents went to the police station in Awamiyah to ask about him after worrying news about his death.

According to locals, the police detained al-Orayedh at a security checkpoint in Safavi – al-Awamiyah district of Qatif on charges of taking photographs for (of?)  the checkpoint. The police claimed that he died of deep-seated fear.

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Comment: 1) How does anyone die of fear?  2) What terrible things were done or threatened to make a 25 year old man die fo "deep-seated fear".