Stop Wasting Money
Supporting Tyranny

It's nice to have your ideas appreciated.

Ivanka Trump came up with an idea of encouraging women to go into business in April and in May the Saudi princes pledged $100 million to get it going.

Here's the report in Glamour Magazine.

It does note that the kingdom has a Guardian system.  "Though some aspects of the guardian system—which required women to obtain permission from their father, husband, brother, or other male family members to leave their homes—has been lessened to some degree, women must remain covered from head to toe when in public and are prohibited from things like driving or opening bank accounts."

This program supposedly will be run by the World Bank and that Ivanka, who is a U.S. government employee will have no direct connection.  One wonders if they'll set up businesses for women in Yemen perhaps in rubble removal and burial services.

​Jenni Miller writes "It’s an interesting conundrum given the lack of rights women face in Saudi Arabia; for one, they’re not allowed to drive, which is a huge impediment to things like running businesses."

Ivanka's Idea Blows the Saudis Away