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August 9.  #Saudi-U.S.-atrocity.  A schoolbus of Yemeni children and teachers in Saada was blown up by a Saudi jet.  Scores were killed, mostly children and many others mutilated.  Images sent to Al-Jazeera show fragments of a Raytheon Mark-82 bomb.  The site said thousands attended the funerals of those killed.

The United States is a full partner in the Saudi attacks.  It sells the Saudis the bombs and the planes, provides in-flight air refueling and target guidance.

Col. Turki al-Maliki, spokesperson, for the Saudi coalition defended the gruesome attack saying it was "carried out in accordance with international humanitarian law".  He claimed the target was "Houthi" militia members inside the bus.  Witnesses said there were only boys and their teachers in the bus.  Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee tweeted "And we just bombed a SCHOOL BUS".  Even if it were true that there were fighters on the bus it is a war crime to make an  attack knowing that the result in civilian casualties would be "clearly excessive", a violation of the Rome Statues Article 8, section 2 b iv.

  At a press conference the State Department's Heather Nauert was not willing to condemn the Saudis for their airstrike.  Watch her here supposedly answering a question from an AP reporter Matt Lee.  She smiles, she smirks, she reads some lame pre-written statement about not having "all the details" and even laughs in the end.   She obviously doesn't give a damn about the matter.  Here's another view of her giving the same answer.  Trump officials only call for the Saudis to investigate the incident themselves.

On August 12 Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Will Bunch wrote a scathing piece on the killing "I don't remember voting for U.S. bombs to murder little kids in Yemen, do you?"

​Excellent Real News report includes interview with Yemeni journalist

Democracy Now!   8/14/18 has a major report on this massacre.

This will continue until Americans come out in the streets and protest these atrocities and demand an end to the foreign war against Yemenis.

             Yemeni journalist  holding piece of U.S. bomb in front of remains of bus.

Saudi-U.S. Bombing Kills 51 Students and Teachers

Small rally in New Haven gets excellent newspaper coverage including video on its website.

  Also TSVN video