Stop Wasting Money
Supporting Tyranny

In 2013 General Sisi and the Egyptian military overthrew Mohammad Morsi, the elected President of Egypt.  Then Saudi King Abdullah endorsed the coup just two hours after Sisi announced that Morse had been deposed.  In 2013 the Brooking Institute reported, "There are widespread rumors in the Middle East that Saudi intelligence provided funding and support for the downfall of Morsi’s government and encouraged the growing popular opposition to his government. They are also reported to have promised Sisi that they would replace any military or economic aid cut off by Washington...".  The Saudi regime was alarmed at Morsi's rise as he came from the Muslim Brotherhood which the Saudis saw as having a rival Islamist worldview.  They also were appalled that the Egyptian dictator Mubarak had been overthrown by a revolution and that there had been a generally fair election in Egypt, the last thing the royals wanted in Saudi Arabia.

The U.S. and the UK did suspend military aid to Egypt in 2013, but King Abdullah put together a $12 billion aid package to the Sisi regime, four times what Sisi lost from the Americans and the British.

In 2014 the Telegraph (UK)  reported a $20 billion additional aid package from Saudi Arabia.

In 2015 Al Jazeera reported the two regimes issued a press statement saying they " will work to create a joint Arab military force.

Helping Egypt's Dictator