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Saudi Feminists Arrested

​Update.  Click here for petition demanding immediate release of women's human rights defenders.

from Bahraini human rights activist Maryam Khawaja.

May 18.  At least two woman human rights defenders have been arrested in #Saudi amongst others three days ago. Those who are known are Loujain AlHathloul and Eman AlNafjan - both were advocates for woman rights in the country. Several HRDs were placed under travel ban during the past period, which raised suspicion of potential arrest. Acc to the #Saudi regime 7 people have been arrested so far.

Important to note: Loujain AlHathloul was kidnapped in the #UAE by the Emirati secret police and transferred against her will to #Saudi, after which she was arrested. The fact that the #UAE kidnapped and moved Loujain Hathloul against her will to #Saudi should be alarming to everyone - this is part of the #GCC security agreement. #GCC activists are not safe anywhere in the Gulf countries, as well as some surrounding countries (like #Jordan) and we’ve seen how activists have been kidnapped and moved to other countries for arrest.

#MBS has been going on a tour doing PR for himself as “progressive”, and the media picked up his propaganda, will they now report about how #WHRDs are being arrested by his regime?

Also another question that needs to be asked: was the mass surveillance technology sold by #Denmark to #Saudi used in this crackdown?

#Denmark sold technology to the #Saudi’s that allows them to spy on their citizens, and anyone who knows anything about Saudi knows they’ll use it to target civil society. Shame on Denmark for enabling the Saudi regime. cc Lars Løkke Rasmussen Anders Samuelsen

#MBS is promoting himself as someone who will open up #Saudi, and activists have been trying to get it understood that the crackdown against civil society has worsened - maybe now the media that helped #MBS with his PR campaign will hear their voices as well

Here's a Washington Post article about the crackdown.

Here's an earlier one.

​Will the U.S. feminists groups who stood silent when Prince Salman toured the U.S. take action?  What about Oprah?