Stop Wasting Money
Supporting Tyranny

“Sunni monarchies, led by Saudi Arabia, increasingly see…. the Jewish state—a foe of the regime in Tehran…. as their de facto ally. This unlikely partnership….has received new momentum since the election of Donald Trump, the preferred candidate of Israel and the Gulf states….‘We have the same enemy, the same threat’…. the kingdom’s deputy intelligence chief said in February. ‘And we are both close allies of the Americans.’” Wall Street Journal, May 5, 2017

Statement of the Coalition to End the U.S.-Saudi Alliance

Latuff (independently) saw it that way too

On May 19, President Trump is going to Saudi Arabia and Israel. We are alarmed about reports that a major goal of this visit will be to create a US-Saudi-Israeli alliance against Iran.
Saudi Arabia and Israel tried to prevent the U.S.-Iran nuclear deal which guarantees a nuclear weapons free Iran. Such a further alliance would enhance the danger of new wars that would engulf many countries in the Middle East.
In response we demand that Congress end U.S. military relations with Saudi Arabia and Israel.
Virtually all informed Americans despise Saudi Arabia, an absolute monarchy that fiercely discriminates against its Shia Muslim minority. It bans public Christian churches. It denies women equality with men and even forbids women to drive cars. Many Americans particularly condemn its murderous war and starvation campaign against Yemen’s Shia rebels. 
An April 2017 University of Maryland Critical Issues Poll reported 41% of Americans (56% of Democrats) supporting economic sanctions against Israel for new Jews-only settlements in the occupied Palestinian West Bank, and those percentages will surely further grow into a majority of American voters. 

The U.S. must not arm the serial violator of Palestinian human rights and the killer of hundreds of helpless civilians in the recent Gaza war.
Weapons provided by Congress have created havoc and slaughtered thousands in the Middle East. We must therefore insist that it is time for Congress to end all U.S. military support for all criminal regimes in the area.