Stop Wasting Money
Supporting Tyranny

Boycott Saudi Arabia

Just as we boycott Israeli apartheid we should boycott the Saudi regime for its many outrages,  it bombings and blockades in Yemen which have killed tens of thousands, its support for the Khalifa tyranny in Bahrain, it's imprisonment and torture of Saudi feminists, its murder of Khashoggi and on and on.

Recently a number of groups got together, enthusiastic about the campaigns of CODEPINK and hoping to expand their reach

We call for:

  • Entertainers and artists to refuse to go to Saudi Arabia
  • Colleges should refuse to take Saudi regime money
  • Ad agencies should spurn fees to pretty up the ugly regime
  • Foundations should not take Saudi princes donations
  • Wall St. should not underwrite Aramco
  • Companies should refuse investments from the Saudi sovereign fund

We are NOT calling for anyone to cancel plans to go to Saudi Arabia for religious reasons.

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