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Protesters from different ethnic groups and religions including oppressed Muslims from Bahrain, Yemen and  other organizations such as Code Pink and 9/11 Victims congregated at the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Washington DC on July 13, 2016 to commemorate the anniversary of the demolition of holy shrines including Jannat-ul-Baqee (Baqee), execution of Sheikh Nimr, juvenile executions & discrimination against women. Muslims from approximately 15 different states attended accounting for over a thousand protestors and attempted to show solidarity in opposing violent extremism spread by the Wahhabis in the name of Islam.

Blaming the Saudi government for exporting extremism around the Muslim world, protesters attempted to hand deliver a letter to the embassy, voicing their complaints; however, guards for the building refused to accept the document, and forbade entry into the building to do so. Without comment, the embassy closed its offices for the duration of the protest.  Many speakers including Medea Benjamin and Mustafa Al Nimr spoke at the Embassy.
Protesters then marched to the White House chanting "Saudi ISIS are the same, only difference is the name" distributed flyers highlighting similarities between the ideology & actions of ISIS & Saudi Arabia. Negating the hate message of Wahhabi ideology protesters distributed water bottles spreading the message of peace, love & equality.  At the White House more speeches took place including that of Alli MacCracken.  The rally ended peacefully at 5 pm.  Unfortunately the mainstream media was absent again.


Civilizations are proud of traditions and construct relics to build heritage sites honoring revered personalities. The Saudi government defies normal traditions by destroying the relics & shrines of all religions including Islam. Since the destruction of Baqee in 1925 AD, it has become a symbol of the atrocities and brutality committed by Saudi Arabia and like-minded terrorist organizations such as ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Boko Haram and other offshoots. This is the exact same ideology that resulted in the destruction of Gautama Buddha statues in Afghanistan, Temple of Palmyra in Syria and the Tomb of Prophet Jonah in Iraq. These atrocities are a direct result of the Wahhabi (Salafi) sect teachings, promoted by Saudi Arabia and exemplify their lack of tolerance, respect, peace and humanity. Apart from the destruction of heritage sites, the Saudi police display physical aggression on pilgrims visiting the cemetery especially women, which is a humanitarian issue.


Baqee Protest, Saudi Embassy, DC, 7/13/16, Medea and Alli Speeches on video