Is Aramco worth $1.5 Trillion 

​or Nothing at All?

​​​​​Important article in The Conversation throws doubt about the long-term value of the Saudi company Aramco.  The government owned (meaning Prince-Salman-Owned) company is selling 5% of its value on the market and that works out to $1.5 trillion for the full value of the company.  But as Mark Shackelton, Professor of Finance at Lancaster University, explains: 

If fact as we learn of the immense damage oil companies have done to the atmosphere and how much they did this with full knowledge lawsuits or popular measures may mean oil companies might owe trillions and in the long would have to be saved from bankruptcy.

​"....the future doesn’t look good for oil. The threat of climate change means most countries are looking for ways to reduce their use of fossil fuels and many investors are trying to reduce the number of oil company stocks they hold...The problem for Aramco and other oil firms is that climate change and falling demand has turned their oil reserve into "stranded assets".  this means they could be worth much less than investors expected and perhaps even become worthless."                                                                                                                 

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