Stop Wasting Money
Supporting Tyranny


Fantastic amounts of U.S. money have been spent on the so-called "defense" of the Persian Gulf.  In reality it's to support the horrible governments and ultra-rich Gulf monarchies

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From 2016

U.S. Partner in Yemen Attack

American "advisers" plan the Yemen carnage as a favor to the ally of the U.S. 1%


Human Rights Outrages Claiming to be guided by religion the Saudis and other kingdoms commit cruel violations of human rights

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The Saudi monarchy and other rich kingdoms in the area are interested in increasing their wealth and power without limit.  They openly attack and "intervene" in neighboring countries with approval, assistance and guidance of the US government.

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Saudi Punishments

Over 100 Executions in Saudi Arabia in 2015





Cruel, Wasteful, Illegal, Unnecessary

US  $$$$$ 



Summit on Saudi says:

Let the media and Congress hear your voice. Suspend weapons sales to the regime.

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Close the U.S. Persian Gulf bases.  Bring home the troops